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Civil War did not end slavery

South first to forbid the slave trade

Massachusetts first to establish slavery

Gen. Beauregard Civil Rights advocate

Post "Civil War" Racial Divide in the South

Nullification and State Sovereignty

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The Christian faith of America's Founding Fathers is today under relentless attack. Those Attacking our traditional Christian heritage compose a postmodern, secular humanist, neo-Marxist shadow government. This evil shadow government controls too much of American society. Beginning with the 1963 Supreme Court ruling prohibiting prayer and Bible reading in public schools. Christian America has been increasingly slouching toward Gomarrah. Who will stand in the gap and make-up the hedge? Who has a plan to defeat those who are determined to debunk all that is holy and sacred? Click HERE to read more.........

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Proposed Sovereign State Constitutional Amendment

Project Reclaiming Constitutional Liberty

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